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Letter from the Founder

I know first-hand the myriad issues that face all of us on a daily basis and have a profound affect on our success at work, our health and the health of our families. When I started Balancing Life’s Issues, I had been through a divorce, and was trying to balance my life as a working, single mother of three. Needless to say, it was a challenge! As I looked for help, I found frustrating gaps not only in the kinds of information available, but more importantly in the relevance of that information to my life. I attended trainings, but they didn’t enable me to make changes in my life.

BLI is a different kind of training company. I don’t hire trainers, unless I can hear commitment to the topic in their voice. It’s not enough to have the credentials, I have to know each trainer will be able to connect with the audience emotionally, and make a difference. Every person who represents Balancing Life’s Issues is invested in our philosophy of providing meaningful service. It’s not just about delivering a program, it’s about facilitating outcomes — we are successful if your employees are successful.

That’s why, even as our national network of trainers now represents more than 30 states, I still review every piece of feedback with every trainer. We grow from every interaction, and we are committed to making sure you grow, too, through personal connection, flexible curriculum, and a judgment-free environment. I invite you to experience the BLI difference first-hand!

- Wendy Wollner

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Balancing Life's Issues is a Certified Woman Owned Business